Optimize elastic search alternatives


I have a small question about Optimize. It seems that it’s locked in to using Elastic Search, which ultimately would incur a substantial license cost. Is it feasible to swap to another technology from elastic search?

It seems to be a slight disadvantage for the product to not be flexible enough to swap various technologies.

Could someone confirm if this is the case or not?


Hi @stephenm
thank you for your interest in Optimize.

It is correct that currently Optimize needs ElasticSearch to run and you cannot use another DataStore with it. We have optimized all our queries and the import to work efficiently with Elastic.
Elasticsearch itself is opensource and from the Optimize perspective the free version is sufficient. We are not depending on Enterprise features of it.
At the same time - if you need support for it then it makes sense to use Elastic as a Service from Elastic, AWS, etc. or eventually purchase a license. This would probably the same for other datastores too.

Is there a specific DataStore / Database that you are interested in using?