OptimisticLockingException at a parallel gateway


Hi everyone,
Its written in documentation, that one strategy to deal with OptimisticLockingExceptions at a parallel gateway is to configure the gateway to use asynchronous continuations. So i configured it like on this image (T - async):


But now on OptimisticLockingException my “UpdateNotification” task begin do retrying by itself, though there is a transaction boundary between it and Parallel gateway.

Please, explain, where i must to set async, if Notification service must be called succesfully only once.


Hi @raliev,

mark the parallel gateway and the tasks as async before instead of async after.

Is there a reason to make the end event async after?

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thank you for advice, @Ingo_Richtsmeier.
Now I marked gateway with asyncBefore too, hope this helps - in load testing it works good.
I will write if there will be problems again