NPE with Process Test Coverage and Link Events


I tried to use the test coverage ( with a simple Workflow just using a link event (see The unit tests throws a NPE at

at org.camunda.bpm.extension.process_test_coverage.listeners.IntermediateEventExecutionListener.notify(

With using StandaloneInMemProcessEngineConfiguration instead of ProcessCoverageInMemProcessEngineConfiguration in camunda.cfg.xml the test works fine.


Hi Andreas,

We need more details like complete stacktrace of the exception, the process xml and the code.
If you can share a project on github which reproduce the problem would be perfect.

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Hi Yana,

of course, please check out for reproduction of the problem.


Hi Andreas,

The initialization of PathCoverageParseListener#coverageTestRunState is not done for some reason, so I think
it is better if you open an issue in the project (1).


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I did as you advised:

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