Not seeing history view in 7.13 version cockpit


i downloaded the enterpise docker version of CAMUNDA-BPM-RUN - LATEST but i dont see the history view in the cockpit

can anyone please let me know why


Hi Vish, do you have an enterprise license? You’ll need one. You can apply for a free 30 day trial here.


I do have License enterprise, Beagler , when i downloaded docker version i downloaded the enterpirse version of it

Right, of course, you need enterprise credentials to login to the repo. But you still need to enter in the license key to activate the history feature in Cockpit.


i am searching the same where exactly i do that

Your Cockpit process instance history screen probably looks like this:

i dont see this is in new CAMUNDA BPM RUN 7.13 because there are no processes

Got it, go to the the Admin console and you should find it there:

Or the main Cockpit screen and find the link there:

i dont see anything !!

Well, then you’re not running EE! Be sure you’re running EE and not Community!

Let me check on the availability of Camunda Run EE Docker image

yes please can u please let me know the docker pull command for camunda bpm run

In the meantime you can pull the Docker EE image and use that.

sure , camunda BPM run is part of that ?

Yes, Camunda Run is a prepackaged Spring Boot version. The EE Docker Image runs on Tomcat. Both have the same functionality.

But as per Ingo suggestion Camunda BPM run is more suited to us , becuase we dont intent to use all the functioanoity and now i have the full version which i dont need

can we get a ee version for camunda bpm run ?

Hi @vishucamunda,

you can download the Camunda Run as a Zip file here: (Select Camunda BPM Run and klick .zip or .tar.gz

Here is documentation how to access the enterprise docker images:

Maybe you can find a Camunda BPM run image over here, but I havn’t checked it by myself.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi Vish,

did you use the right docker image?

docker login

docker run -d --name camunda-ee -p8080:8080

yes this downloads the entire package not the bpmrun

Hi @vishucamunda,

if you want to run Camunda Run in a Docker image, check the docs here for Camunda Run options:

Hope this helps, Ingo