Not able to invoke java class from service task

i am trying to call java class Task1 which is part of spring boot, from service task
getting Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.engine.ClassLoadingException: ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class

@Mithun_Shetty can you upload your bpmn file & java class? How many nodes are you running for camunda?

loanApproval.bpmn (3.4 KB)

@Mithun_Shetty your bpmn model has following errors:

Java class Implementaion you specified like: /camunda-get-started-spring-boot-Step-1/src/main/java/org/camunda/bpm/getstarted/loanapproval/ is incorrect and which should be qualified class name org.camunda.bpm.getstarted.loanapproval.Task1.

Also there’s no assignee specified for user task, so i assigned task to user called “admin”, if this user not available in camunda db, then create one. And some basic information required for model was missing, which i added to the bpmn.

ProcessDefinition ID & Process definition Key: loanApproval , use this key to start a process instance.

loanApproval.bpmn (3.2 KB)


thank you so much. I lost 1 day to find this solution at the end. thank you

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@AITFARAJI, that’s good to hear from you that this forum is helpful to solving your problems. At anytime if you face any problems related to camunda it’s better to search in this forum, most of the problems were discussed here and you can find most of the solutions, if not feel free to create a new topic for your issues or clarifications.

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