Not able to invoke java class from service task

i am trying to call java class Task1 which is part of spring boot, from service task
getting Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.engine.ClassLoadingException: ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class

@Mithun_Shetty can you upload your bpmn file & java class? How many nodes are you running for camunda?

loanApproval.bpmn (3.4 KB)

@Mithun_Shetty your bpmn model has following errors:

Java class Implementaion you specified like: /camunda-get-started-spring-boot-Step-1/src/main/java/org/camunda/bpm/getstarted/loanapproval/ is incorrect and which should be qualified class name org.camunda.bpm.getstarted.loanapproval.Task1.

Also there’s no assignee specified for user task, so i assigned task to user called “admin”, if this user not available in camunda db, then create one. And some basic information required for model was missing, which i added to the bpmn.

ProcessDefinition ID & Process definition Key: loanApproval , use this key to start a process instance.

loanApproval.bpmn (3.2 KB)

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