Not able to import BPMN to Camunda standalone webapp for Tomcat


Hi all,

I just started using Camunda few days ago. Tried both the classic version with Tomcat built-in (the one which starts using start-camunda.bat) and the standalone webapp for Tomcat (the .war file).

Then I needed to import a custom bpmn file so used Maven through Eclipse and was able to import my .bpmn in the classic version of Camunda. I can see it in the Cockpit page.

Unfortunately, the same .war file created by me, even if deploys successfully in the standalone webapp, it doesn’t appear in the Cockpit page.

Is what I’m trying to do possibile (importing a .bpmn in the standalone webapp for Tomcat)? If it’s possible, what am I doing wrong or missing?

Any help/guidance will be appreciated, thanks.

P.S: I’m using MYSQL with the standalone webapp but the behavior is the same even if using the webapp as it comes (untouched, with H2).


I’ll reply to myself :slight_smile: Simply the .war built with Maven had a small issue. Now the BPMN is being imported correctly also by the standalone webapp.