No second reminder before first reminder



This is my first time here, and I have little experience with BPMN notation. We’re modeling a process which is in a waiting state. If the customer doesn’t respond after some time (non interrupting boundary timer event) we send a reminder. Now, the processInstance is in 2 steps at the same time, because we are still waiting for input AND the customer is being reminder.

We get a confirmation it has been sent from output management. Then this route ends and the processInstance returns to being in a single task/step.
After some more time, but ONLY AFTER WE KNOW FOR SURE THE FIRST REMINDER HAS BEEN SENT, we send a second reminder. I don’t know how to model the uppercase part :slight_smile:

For now, it’s this, but this doesn’t assure a second reminder will be sent after a succesfully sent 1st reminder…

Maybe we can put the reminders in consecutive steps, but that’s not very pretty, right?



So to confirm: you want to ensure that the second reminder is only sent if the first reminder was successfully sent?

If so, just add a gateway after the second timer, that checks if the first reminder was successful. You can track this by having the first reminder generate a process variable such as “firstReminderSuccess=true”. THen your gateway would check if that var == true, and if not, then maybe you do nothing or generate a incident for someone to look into why the first reminder was a failure.

If you want to get “Extra fancy” you can use the History service to look up if the “Wait for confirmation it has been sent” task for Reminder1 for the specific process instance has executed, and if it has executed then you are allowed to send Reminder2


Thanks for your reply! We’re good now.