No second reminder before first reminder



This is my first time here, and I have little experience with BPMN notation. We’re modeling a process which is in a waiting state. If the customer doesn’t respond after some time (non interrupting boundary timer event) we send a reminder. Now, the processInstance is in 2 steps at the same time, because we are still waiting for input AND the customer is being reminder.

We get a confirmation it has been sent from output management. Then this route ends and the processInstance returns to being in a single task/step.
After some more time, but ONLY AFTER WE KNOW FOR SURE THE FIRST REMINDER HAS BEEN SENT, we send a second reminder. I don’t know how to model the uppercase part :slight_smile:

For now, it’s this, but this doesn’t assure a second reminder will be sent after a succesfully sent 1st reminder…

Maybe we can put the reminders in consecutive steps, but that’s not very pretty, right?