Newbie - Where to seek help with model?

Hi all,

Thank you in advance for your patience - this is my first post, and I am very new to BPMN.

Is this the correct forum to seek advice on a simple BPMN model I am trying to create? My question is more about BPMN not Camunda specifically.

If this is the right forum I’ll post my question, if not, can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable place.

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Sure - we’re happy to answer BPMN questions.

Hi Niall - thank you for your encouraging words.

A little"background" to my diagram; I am trying to document a simple internal process that pretty much dictates which department should undertake a task “Allocate a RAPID number” dependent on some criteria. (A RAPID number here in NZ is a street marker in rural locations to assist emergency services in finding properties).

I’ve uploaded my first attempt here:

Any advice would be much appreciated. For example - am I using BPMN correctly, am I using the right gateways etc.



So there are a few things that might be improved.

  • You’re using 3 pools instead of 3 lanes. Which is why you have message flows that don’t seem to make a lot of sense. Lanes can indicate the responsible person or department for all tasks in that lane.
  • You’ve got 2 start events - one isn’t labeled so it’s not clear how it’s supposed to start. The other is a labeled signal event. It’s certainly possible to have these 2 start events but you need more clarity on why one will be started over another.
  • None of the end events are labeled with makes it hard to know what the “happy path” of your process is.
  • The names of some of your tasks are a little confusing, generally you want the name of the task to be a description of work that will be done you have “Update Records” and “Make Request for a RAPID Number” these are really good and very clear but “Has driveway been formed” and “Site visit required to collect data” are not properly expressing the work that needs to be done. they’re just a question or a statement.

Hope you find these comments useful.

Hi Niall,

Apologies for the delay in responding.
Excellent feedback - thank you. As you will have gathered I’m still learning the basics of BPMN. In my “world” it’s more for documentation purposes - not for a live “engine” deployment, so whilst not being critical I am keen to get it “right”.

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Hi @rmorris

Can I have your code snippet to understand how the code in integrated with bpmn. Especially how the control goes after manual task to Calculate RAPID number.

Hi @Gayathri,

Sorry - not sure what you mean by the “code”! I’m currently using these tools for diagramming only, and don’t generate any code (that I am aware of).

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Thanks @rmorris