New DMN Extension



I want to introduce the new DMN extension. It has the goal to increase the DMN support for Camunda. It can be integrated into Camunda as a process engine plugin and replaces the Camunda DMN engine.

If you are interested then have a look at the blog post:

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler,

I downloaded the example from github, however when I try to load the decision model into Camunda Modeller 2.03, I get import errors and the decision model misses the links to bind the parts together.

Hence did you use a special modeller for the demo?




Hi Rob,

thank you for trying it out :balloon:

Unfortunately, the current Camunda Modeler doesn’t support all DMN elements. So you will see some errors when we try to open it. I created the example in the modeler and modified it manually (because there were only a few changes) :sweat_smile:

You could use a different modeler to create the DMN models (e.g. Trisotech).

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Hi Philip, we want to play around with DMN, but the modeler is indeed quite restricted and does not support convocation, relation, etc. Any clue if this will be added in the near future?


I don’t think the Camunda modeler will support more DMN in the near future. One reason is that they actually don’t see that the users need more DMN support. So, if you want more DMN then you should open an issue for the modeler :wink:

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