New and lost - can you help me finding the right parts of Camunda?

Hi there iam working for a tiny startup just found camunda. Iam searching for a solution to move the “flow logic” of business processes to better to compose and better to maintain solution. Means our Microservices have REST to receive calls and do their work but i want to link/orechstrate them like a construction kit. This is all still in a POC-Phase, not productive - this will come later maybe.

Is Camunda right for those stuff ?
Which Camunda parts are good for it?
And of course the costs - which parts can i use for free and which requiere payment?

Best wishes


Hi @Mathias ! You can find a list of differences between the Enterprise (paid) version and the Community (free) version here Camunda Platform Enterprise Edition - Camunda

This does sound like a good fit for Camunda Platform as well.


Hi and thank you, i have seen the list you linked , but it did not help me, because i dont know to which product my needs belong. So it was not helping but thank you anyway.

Hi @Mathias

So Camunda has lots of different options when it comes to building or orchestrating processes with Camunda. The high-level options are described here.

If you want to just get started building and understanding the functionality of Camunda.
You can follow this Video Tutorial - or if you like to code in Java i suggest you follow the Camunda Code Studio (exercise 5 is good for building a distributed system)

All of this can be done for free with the open source version of the platform.