MySQL 8 Support

Based on some previous threads and the current release notes, MySQL 8 is not a supported database for Camunda and there are no current plans for it to be. There is, however, support for MySQL 5.7, meanwhile there is additionally support for new versions of Postgres and MariaDB.

Has the stance on MySQL 8 changed within the last year or so?

Or asked another way, would one still be supported under the Camunda Enterprise Platform license if they decided to upgrade to MySQL 8 from an older MySQL version?

Bumping this…

Our organization is removing MySQL5.7 support from their DBaaS platform. We are testing the current release on MySQL8 and there don’t appear to be any issues, bit it would be extremely helpful to have explicit support here given that MySQL is still the second-most-used (and most-used Open Source) DBMS. MySQL8 has been out for more than two years now – when can we expect explicit support?