Multiple use of embedded subprocess

Hi Camunda users,

I’m trying to call several times an embedded subprocess in a process definition. Using a call activity task to call a subprocess defined in another BPM file works well but I would like to integrate this subprocess into my main BPM diagram for clarity (see image below)

By doing so when running the process I get an error:

Cannot instantiate process definition bn_email_block:3:273759de-4da6-11ea-b05c-52eb7136ed68: no processes deployed with key ‘SUB’ and tenant-id ‘null’: processDefinition is null

I don’t know how to make severall calls to an embedded subprocess, any idea on how to do it would be marvelous?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ChrisB,

you can put the called process into a different pool (instead of an embedded subprocess) in the same diagram.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

Thanks for the quick reply, I came up with the following diagram and keys:

Unfortunately I get the following error:

The process could not be started. : Cannot instantiate process definition bn_email_block:11:607e921e-4dad-11ea-b05c-52eb7136ed68: no processes deployed with key = ‘SUB_process’ in deployment = ‘607c482c-4dad-11ea-b05c-52eb7136ed68’: processDefinition is null

I’m still investigating the reason why

Hi @ChrisB,

you have to check the box at Executable.

Cheers, Ingo

@Ingo_Richtsmeier thanks a lot for your help and reactivity!