Multi-instance's property behavior



I have some confusion about multi-instance property behavior. I think the properties are setted to be inner activity’s property. I’ve tried using execution listener, and it’s executed for every inner activity.

Does this also valid for other properties? And how do we set the property to be multi-instance body’s property?


Hi @muh.ashlah,

it depends on the type of the multi instance activity.
What properties do you want to set on the multi instance activity?
What is your use case?

Best regards,


Hi @Philipp_Ossler,

My use case is I want to put execution listener on the multi-instance body (not on it’s inner activity).

But I want to know about this in general things, for properties that can applied on every activity (such as execution listener, input/output, and extensions).



Hi Ashlah,

currently, you can only set the asynchronous behavior for the inner activity and the multi instance body. All other activities are only available for the inner activity.

But there is a feature request to support execution listeners for the multi instance body.

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