Monitor in process engine tasks from Camunda Docker


Is it possible to use the task list installed with the Camunda Community Docker image to monitor an in process H2 based engine started on the host? If not what would then be the easiest way of accomplishing this?


Hi @maacl
Welcome to the community - the tasklist will only display user takes for a better or higher-level overview of whats going on you can use cockpit


Thank you. But how do I get the Docker Camunda to see my engine running on the Docker host?


The docker image of camunda should have the engine, webapps and if you want the h2 database
maybe im missing something, can you explain the architecture in more detail?


On my machine I have : 1) a process engine started from Clojure running in a JVM that has a number of tasks. 2) a the Camunda Docker image running in Docker. My question is if it is possible to use the Cockpit from the Camunda Docker image to monitor the engine on the docker host (aka my machine). If this is not possible what is then the easiest way to spin up a Cockpit/Tasklist to monitor my in process engine? Hope this clarifies.


Ok - so if you connect your clojure engine to the same datasource that the docker image uses, you’ll be able to see what the clojure engine is doing from cockpit and tasklist on the docker image


OK. The docker image image uses the default datasource. How would I connect to that? I don’t see any documentation for this, but I might have missed it.


I’d suggest to setup a PostgreSQL DB - it’s described here. then its easy to connect to it.