Modelling Forms Interaction with External Process Tasks

Hi Guys,

I guess this is a more generic question linked to modeling with BPMN and not necessarily something related to Camunda Platform.

So my question is how it is possible to model a workflow in BPMN related to a dynamic web page that is loading different parts based on some activities that are happening within a BPMN workflow.

To be more precise about my question, I attached an example of such interactions, on the left side there is some screen workflow, while on the right side there are different interactions with stuff external to the webpage.

I’m not necessarily expecting an answer related to the example attached, but maybe a general approach when having those kinds of interactions.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @philippe,

I prefer collaboration diagrams for a situation like yours. It’s getting complicated soon if you start modeling the user flow to support the user interface with a process engine. In reality the user often wants to go back and review the documents again before signing. This can be handled in the implementation of the screen flow much better than modeling it in a BPMN diagram for process automation. Here you would need a lot of sequence flows to go back.

But a process in a collaboration diagram can serve for understanding and as a requiremnt documentation for the UI developer. See the upper pool for your example.

You can find my proposal here:

It looks like this:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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