Modeler is unable to run XOR gateways


Hello guys,

I am new to Camunda and am trying to learn the system all by myself.
To do so, I was trying to model a huge process as a BPMN and try to run it using the Camunda Controller. However, I had been tackled by so many errors that I couldn’t run the process.
To debug the problems I had started decreasing the process until I reached a very minimum process which includes the following:
Start -> task - AND Gateway Split --> goes out to 2 tasks --> AND Gateway join --> END
and it worked!

If I change the above process to XOR Gateway Split, XOR Gateway join instead of AND, the process does not work!

Can you please help me verify what I am doing wrong? What’s the difference between XOR and AND gateways when it comes to running the model on the Camunda Controller?

Looking forward to your reply,
George Aoun.


The behavior you’re describing is expected for based on how the symbols work. I think if you take a look at the BPMN guide and even specifically the parallel gateway you’ll understand better


Hi Niall,

I was able to deploy a process from Modeler to Controller but I am unable to find it into TaskList (As task to run).

Any idea what may I have missed?

Thank you in advance,


Can you upload your process and many explain step by step what you’re trying to do?