Modeler 3.1.0 Not Seeing Element Templates In Relative Path


I just upgraded from modeler version 2.2.4 to version 3.1.0, and the element templates that I had in the .camunda/element-templates folder are not found by the modeler.

My bpmn is in my project /src/main/resources/bpmn
My element templates are in /src/main/resources/bpmn/.camunda/element-templates

I went to the documentation and it doesn’t seem to have been changed. Is anyone else having this issue?

EDIT: When I open the file via STS (eclipse) it no longer works (right-click :arrow_right: Open With :arrow_right: Other… :arrow_right: External Program :arrow_right: Browse to Camunda Modeler), but if I browse to the bpmn location in windows explorer and open it, it’s able to find the element templates.


Hi @jase52476,

I was able to reproduce the problem you are facing. From my point of view this behavior is unexpected. Therefore, with #1376 I created a bug issue in the Camunda Modeler repo.



Thank you so much. Even though there is a workaround, I had gotten used to being able to just double-click the bpmn file direct from STS to pop open the Modeler.


I just got Camunda 3.1.2, where this bug was resolved, and it’s now fixed.

Thank you.