Message arrows by PDF export in Cawemo


i am using the pdf export from cawemo (online). Saving BPMN as pdf brings the change in model: message arrows are converted to simple lines, this means there is no arrows any more.

How do you manage this topic?

Best and thanks in advance,

Hello @Alexandra_Mavrina,
I just tried and cannot reproduce the described behavior, the created pdf looks the same as the model in cawemo. Could you share your model? At least an example to reproduce?

Best, McAlm

Hello @McAlm,
thanks for your answer.
I made an example Diagramm:

It’s screen shop from the modeller:


Thanks in Advance for your help!

And it’s the screen shot from the exported pdf

There is no arrow. …

I used the same bpmn and for me it works. Could you attach please your downloaded pdf file?
What OS and pdf reader do you use?

Hi! I am on the windows with Adobe Acrobat reader.

It’s really interesting, why it’s functioning for you and for me not.

From Camunda Modeller App on the PC there is no opportunity to export as .pdf, only as a picture.

By trying to upload the pdf I’ve got an error message “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bpmn, dmn, xml, cmmn, json, txt, log, csv).”