Looping 2 arrays in DMN

i have 2 array variables, one called Events and another one called Parameteres.
Events: [{“Identifier”:1,“Description”:“Sample text”, “User”:“John”, “Position”:“Manager”},…]
Parameters: [{“Identifier”:1,“Description”:“Sample text”, “User”:“John”},…]

I need to create 2 new lists. One list must have all Events that exist in the Parameters list (Identifier, Description and User are the same). another list must have all Event that dont have any match in the Parameters list (Identifier or Description or User are different). is there any way i can do this sticking strictly to the dmn designer and its elements?

thx in advance

Hi @hernang,

you could craft a FEEL expression that produces the two lists.

Please have a look at the followings docs:

Why do you want to build the lists in a DMN?
It would be also possible to do it in a process.

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