Loop in CMMN model



Can anyone explain how to implement the loop in CMMN model?
So I have a Stage A with one human task A. When the task is finished, the case moves to Stage B.
In stage B we have another human task B. When Task B is finished, I want to move the case to Stage A and repeat it with human task A.

Thank you


Hi @Andres_Gavriljuk,

the most easy way is to split your case into 2 cases (one for every stage) and build a BPMN process around them, which handles the loop. If there is only a single task in the case, you can model them as user tasks directly. Otherwise you call the cases with call activities from the process.

In CMMN you get lost with repetition and mandatory rules very soon.

Cheers, Ingo


Hello @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

Thanks for your answer.
But is it possible to execute the same stage or task once again? Especially when I want to go back from some next stage or task?
I tried to use repetition for that but unsuccessfully :frowning:



Hi @Andres_Gavriljuk,

Did you finally find a way to loop back between tasks within a case/stage?

In my case, I have two human tasks in one case and I want once Task A completes to move to Task B. And once Task B completes to move to Task A.

How to do that?
I’m new to CMMN.