Login issue

Hi Guys,
We have deployed Camunda process engine with webapp as a Spring boot application in openshift. It is integrated with LDAP.We were able to login succesfully.

Recently, we have created https routes for our application in openshift. Now when we access our application through this https route, we are succesfully able to launch the login screen, but we are not able to login.

Below is the error stacktrace from the application:

But above error trace is too generic which i think is misguiding

Below screenshot is for succesful login through HTTP

We are using Camunda Opensource.

On further debugging we came to know,On Openshift route when we change Insecure Traffic Policy to ‘allow’ instead of ‘None’, then it will reroute all the camunda webapp network call to http. Hence login working.
Is there any configuration i need to specify in my spring boot project.
Any Help is much appreciated as we are stuck on this issue since past one month.