Logging using any logger



We are using multi tenancy concept on a shared infra. We have around 10 process engines,hence 10 tenants configured as per our need. We are planning to have 10 war deployments for each of the tenant. Can anybody please suggest how can we separate out the logging for each of the tenants base don the WARS deployed in the server. The need is to generate separate logging file for each of the Wars deployed. Please suggest a way how this can be implemented. We are currently using Wildfly server camunda installation. Thanks


Camunda uses slf4j as the logging manager so you must configure a logging framework as you may know. So lets take log4j as the example. I think the best way would be to add logging appenders to your package names in the war files. This would be dependent on the code base being name specific between the war files. So if you have common code in the war files and the war files are on the same server it becomes a challenge. Logging can be configured on a per war basis: https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/manual/logsep.html.