Logging Configuration Admin Plug-in


There are many posts about customizing logging configurations. A logging configuration panel is a fairly straightforward item and not uncommon. This can be implemented as a configuration admin plug-in and can provide several useful utilities toward logging configuration. There are several capabilities that could be added instages to this logging utility app starting with a basic search and scroll of existing loggers, log levels, and output configuration starting with java.util logging and extensions for the major logging packages. To change logging levels they can be set, in the runtime, by specifying package names. Several considerations could be provided for extensions such as multiple logs, and multiple logging frameworks, etc. I would like to start a discussion of needs people have and ideas for how a logging configuration admin plug-in might take shape. Looking forward to hearing comments.


Here is a plug-in/configuration to add logging into the tomcat distribution. You can turn on the logback auto refresh and modify your logback file through a mount/volume/network drive


The concept is more for a live configuration panel specifically as an Admin Plugin (https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/webapps/admin/extend/plugins/). I will develop a little further to demonstrate. Reconfiguration of log states should be live in the runtime and not dependent on a restart. Also, it should be suitable for a cloud environment where a mounted drive would not be available.


@liam.zanoni you can accomplish this using the springboot distro and setup Spring Cloud with logback. So you can serve your logback files from external sources. And then you can build whatever UI and management tool around building / modifying the logback file.


Good ideas for sure. There are two parts of this, volatile and persisted configuration. So in the first case the logging state is changed only for the current session, in the second case a logging configuration file would be constructed and your point is correct that it probably would be stored externally to be included in a deployment pipeline. I will start on this in small pieces. My intent is to make this extensible. There are a lot of features I can see being built into it over time. Thanks for the suggestions, I will start on this.