Log statements in camunda web app



We are using camunda web app 7.9.0 release and looking for logs / traces from the camunda web app (Admin / Task list / Cockpit).

I have gone through the web app source code and there is no single log statement present in camunda web app.

Please suggest us, Is there any other way through which logs are managed by camunda web app (like any other plug in architecture).

If this is the expected behavior, can you suggest us the reason behind not having log statements in camunda web app.



Hi Senthil,

For what kind of log output are you looking?



Hi Thorben,

We are expecting below kind of logs / traces from the camunda web app

  • user logins with date / time
  • unauthorized URL access attempts
  • failed login attempts
  • resource thresholds exceeded error (if applicable)
  • application state (if applicable)
  • currently running workflow
  • Exceptions / Errors
  • Process Instance related issues if any
  • user / role / group creation information
  • executed SQL statements (if applicable)
  • multiple session information (if applicable)
  • logout date / time
  • REST URL executed
  • failed REST URLs




Any updates / suggestions on this topic…



Hi @senlog80,

What about the access logs of the web server of your distribution. As the webapp uses http calls for each interaction, they should give you a lot of what you requested.

Cheers, Ingo


Hi Ingo_Richtsmeier,

Thanks for the update. As of now we are analyzing the access logs as you have stated.
I will come back if any other logs are needed apart from registered in access.log and server.log.