Linking exclusive gateway to a task in a different pool

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Currently I am using modeller. While creating the BPM model with multiple pools, I am unable to connect an exclusive gateway to a task in another pool. What is the reason and how could i create a link? (interim throw and catch links?)

Also, how do i activate a simulation in the trial version of this tool?

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Hi @Abdemanaf_Rangwala
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This is by design, according to the BPMN standard a sequence flow cannot leave a pool to connect to anything. instead in order to communicate to another pool you’ll need to connect a send event from your gateway and that send event can trigger an activity in another pool. Like this:

Can you explain what you mean by this?

Thank you Niall! The process flow in different pool now works

I meant that there is a simulation tool available but did not see lot of help or user guide on this, could you please help? I am hoping to run this in the Current As-Is process model and see where the issues lie?

Also, my stakeholders are unable to view the model in the format - JPEG, is there a way to upload this as a link and share? Could you please advise?

For this you would need to add some execution semantics and run it in the engine. There isn’t a simulation tool that would run your process as-is.

If you’d like to build and share a model with others i would suggest use the sharing and collaboration features as part of out web based modeling tool cawemo.