Large DMN Table are not editable in Camunda Modeler


I converted using camunda-dmn-xlsx a quite large table (ca. 2000 lines, 160 Kb) to a .dmn file. The table contains 6 inputs columns and 8 output columns.

The table should be edited in Excel and always converted to DMN. Though I tried to open it using the Camunda Modeler without success (after 15 minutes, the file is still not opened, the memory of the process is always increasing, and the process is active)

The resulting DMN is 2.3 Mb big (ca. 80’000 lines of XML) and can’t be open in the Camunda Modeler (Windows). Is that a known issue?

What could you suggest as workaround for this problem?


Hi @Laurent,

This is an issue we are currently working on, see