Lanes autoadjustment


Is there a way to autoadjust lanes to keep diagrame elements within the same lane during diagram changes as it is expected by design?

From my current experience autoadjustment works fine if I create a new diagram and I know exactly all the elements of the process and create a process step by step. However, if the process has been already created with several lanes and I need a changed somewhere in the middle of the process I have to manually resize all the lanes bellow the point of change and move all the elements manually down and to he right to fit the lanes.


Hi @alexeib,

in the left menu of the Camunda Modeler you can select the third entry. This element is called “Activate the create/remove space tool”. With this tool you can reposition and drag all elements in a line. This is pretty helpful if you want to insert new elements or remove unused space after deleting elements.


I hope this helps you with your problem.