Keep an assigned task in the team task to which the assignee belongs


I assign a task to a user but put at the same time some groups in the Candidate Groups field.
Even if the task is assigned, I would like to see that task in the team task basket with the assigned user written.

Is that possible? It doesn’t seem to work for me .



Hi @Mokhtar,

You could create your own Filter.
The standard Filter for My Group Tasks looks like that:

      filterProperties.put("description", "Tasks assigned to my Groups");
      filterProperties.put("priority", -5);
      query = taskService.createTaskQuery().taskCandidateGroupInExpression("${currentUserGroups()}").taskUnassigned();
      Filter groupTasksFilter = filterService.newTaskFilter().setName("My Group Tasks").setProperties(filterProperties).setOwner("demo").setQuery(query);

If you remove .taskUnassigned(); you will get what you want :wink:



You could also edit the My Group Tasks filter via tasklist: