Job-Executor is not picking any jobs

Can someone help ? is there any way to call executor explictly

–more details in comment

Hello @007Mo
Explain more about your problem.
I think the following links are useful for you.

so its started picking jobs when we restarted DB but again after 2 hrs job executor is not acquiring jobs ( -confirmed from logs)

postgress profiler indicates act_hi table has no active query . May be something locking up the table

@Bagher_Naem what else we should look in to ?

updated job-execution configs
deployment-aware: false
maximum-pool-size: 10
core-pool-size: 5
queue-capacity: 20
lock-time-in-millis: 150000
max-jobs-per-acquisition: 5

The jobs will be picked by querying act_ru_* tables, that ru means runtime, not from the _hi history tables.

Can you check if your jobs are with lock owner and lock expiration time set in those _ru tables? maybe some of your job executer took the job, locked them and the you restarted DB or the camunda instance. So it will be available for another job executor only after you clean lock owner or when lock expiration time passes.

Okay so issue was manual batch run which was querying history table . Deleting batch run resolved the issue . Job executor started working fine