Java (Spring Boot) vs NodeJS external tasks

I need to choose whether to implement external task in NodeJS vs. Java (Spring boot). Are there are features available only for Java client that are not possible with Javascript external task? I would like to know what are the advantages of an all Java solution vs Javascript for task execution.

They’re basically the same featurewise - they are both just wrappers for the same rest endpoints so from the point of view of how the communicate to the Camunda engine they’re isn’t a difference

So choosing would would only depend on the how you prefer the features of the individual languages. I’ve used both and they’re both pretty good :slight_smile:

Is the REST API Open API compatible so that GraphQL can be generated for it?

Mostly, we have the rest api described using OpenAPI, but it’s not entirely complete. It’ll likely be complete some time in the next 4 to 6 months

In nodejs client there is pollInterval parameter, in java backoff stategy. It is different ways to check if tasks are available

You can also just set up a ProcessHandler using the Camunda Library and let that take care of it. It will get notified when a task that it is waiting for shows up.

Not sure the syntax in Java or Javascript, but I do it in Golang all the time.


Ok, both look like good options. Does anyone know if bff backend for frontend is easier in Java or Javascript

OpenAPI compliance is important because then GraphQL can be generated completely off the Rest API or so I have heard.