Issue in assignee and candidate groups email notification


I’m trying to model a workflow in Camunda Modeller, I’m almost done but then suddenly they requested to add a participant in the pool. This participant is part of one group but it will act as an approver in the workflow the other one is the requestor, it was all good but then the email notification for that approver will go to all approver nationwide. How can I eliminate that in Email Notification Service? We just want to send the notification to a particular approver.

Thanks in advance

Can you upload the model, that would help understand what you’re trying to do.

Here’s the model, the CSR NAC is the requestor (assignee) and BOO NAC is the approver.
We want the notification for BOO NAC to send it to a particular approver only not nationwide or group.

Request_V1.bpmn (51.8 KB)

Thank you.

Just to add, I temporarily put the BOO NAC as assignee also, originally it is defined in Candidate Groups. I just thought when I assign the BOO NAC as Assignee it will resolve the issue but then in notification service I don’t know how Camunda will distinguish the difference between the two participants when in come in sending email notification.