Is there any variable like "resultEnabled" , when I complete a task


Hello ,
Can we use “resultEnabled” to give us a response , when I complete a task . ?
Eg :


When I hit this REST-API (with the required payload ) , it returns a HTTP 204 response .

Is there any way to get a response-data from engine ?.


Thank You


What kind of response content would you like to get?


@thorben ,
A basic response like the task is completed ., A response… That I can use to make sure the task got completed.


This is encoded in the HTTP status code. 204 means completion was successful. In cases of errors, you receive a 4xx or 5xx status code.



Another option is you will get say an http 202 on success. You could set a process variable(s) with a value indicating some kind of outcome or value and make a subsequent REST API call to retrieve that value. For example you can get variables associated with the process instance…




@Webcyberrob ,
How should i implement this ??



So in your task implementation, you could set a process variable to a status value, eg;


Hence when you use the REST API to complete the task, make another REST API call to get this value. See the docs [1]