Is the GraphQL API extension compatible with recent versions of Camunda?


If so are there any updated guides to configuring the extension as we’re not able to get an response from having the .war file installed on recent installations?


Hi @David_Robertson,

Since Camunda BPM GraphQL is a community extension, it’s up to the community to maintain it. As far as I can see here:, it hasn’t been updated since Camunda version 7.7, and uses Spring Boot 1.5.7.RELEASE. We bind Spring Boot versions with specific versions of Camunda (at least for out Spring Boot Starter), so I can’t guarantee that just adjusting the versions would make it work.

However, if you feel like contributing, feel free to try and adjust it and submit a PR on the GitHub repository (



thanks - it seems to be working fine once we realised that we had to rename the .war file so that it matches the installation instructions/URL