Is the Camunda Eclipse plugin still supported?


I read that Camunda modeler UI is currently only available as a desktop application as they decided to decouple from Eclipse to remove the need for updating the plug-in with each new release ?

I am although seeing the plugin in Eclipse.


It’s available to use but it has not been supported for quite some time.
I would advice you use the new modeler.


Hi Niall,

Is there any specific reason that Camunad had deprecated the support of Eclipse plugin?


There are lots of reasons, the few that come to mind:

  • Restricted tooling based on the requirment to exist with eclipses framework
  • Forcing developers into using and IDE which may not be their preference
  • Being locked the release cycle of the eclipse project.
  • It simple wasn’t the best way to implement a BPMN modeler.
  • We made a much, much better one and didn’t need to support the old one.


Thanks Niall for update.


Whilst the new one is a much nicer modeller, It would be nice if Copy+Paste were supported everywhere in the Mac OS version, especially when creating/updating CMMN models as I end up having to do it in a text editor!