Is it possible to create "on-the-fly" changing form?

Hello everybody,

I wonder if I can create a template of a form that I can store in some database (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL) which will be used by Camunda engine “on-the-fly”.

I want to know, is it possible to do so? Which mechanism is the best practice for this kind of task?

I’m new to Camunda, but I found great examples in GitHub repo which can give a clue about what way to choose:

  1. Web-based form using AngularJS
  2. Web-based form using JSF
  3. Embedded task form using several mechanisms (/usertask on the same repo)

For example, I have a process of handling customer requests. They usually want something from three categories: A, B, and C.

FormA, FormB, and FormC are different but having typical fields for those kinds of requests.

After some time I need to add FormD without re-deploy JAR-file.

Which of those ways to create a custom form is the easiest one to achieve something like that?

Best regards, Ivan

Hi Ivan,

There are a number of ways to manage dynamic forms… Here’s another thread which may be of interest. If you follow this thread and its associated technologies (, its another way of managing external forms which could be deployed independently of a process model…

@StephenOTT may comment further on success or otherwise…



Hi Rob,

Thank you for the prompt response - it was really helpful. I will take a look in that direction. It looks like the case.

The scary part that this seems like a big project with a lot of custom integrations with Camunda on different levels - I didn’t expect that kind of complexity :slight_smile:

Thanks again. Have a great day!

Best regards, Ivan