Invoice's model

Good Moring,

I’ve designed this model about the creation and management of invoices in my Organization.
Could you tell my if there are any unclear passages?

Thank you very much


There a number of problems with the model.
But first can your clarify why you’re creating the model? Documentation or execution?

Hi Niall this model is for documentation

Alright thanks, The reason I ask is because models made for documentation don’t always need to strictly adhere to the standard.

In your case there are number of problems.
You need to understand message flow vs process flow better. within a pool a process needs both a start event and an end event, in your case they’re not always present. This is likely just because you’re expecting the process to pass along the a message flow.
This is an example of how process communication can usually look:

Once you fix that problem you can get back to me.

HI Niall,
I’ve corrected the model following your advices, but I don’t know if I have done it well. In particular:

  • Is it correct the position of end event in the second and third pool? I’ve put end event after the action that should be the last in the case that the process were wright
    -The reading of the table T_INVOICES doesn’t happen after a message by SAP: SAP writes on the table, and ECM read it with a batch procedure starting every 20 minutes. This procedure starts even if there are no tuples on the table. So the triggering event is time, not the reciving of a message. How can i model it?