Insert user-task from one process to another


I have the following use-case with a user-task.

  • A user-task (say id T123) is created with some activity in Process P1.

  • P1 should be able to go to “completed” state without actual performing(completing) of the task T123.

  • The same user-task (id T123) should be performed as part of a Process P2 (whenever it instantiated in future).

(So T123 is a halt point for P2 and not P1).
Wonder what would be a good practice to achieve it.

@andypr why do you want same usertask in both processes?

Thanks for the prompt response.
It is because, from overall process perspective (where P1 and P2 can be thought as children processes), It is the same user-task -
in P1 its created and in P2 it is performed -
and the task’s life-cycle has to be tracked (so I suppose doing it by task id is natural). Does it make sense?

The pattern above indicates further what I wanted to achieve.
Wanted to keep the task management handled separately (as a parallel channel) from the process flow.
through the first gateway, I would like to achieve a validation - if a Task X exists - only update the user-task X appropriately, else create it (and the process 1 does not halt there but mark an end).
through the second gateway, I may like to loop back to some other activity in the previous process 1.

Please let me know if this is inserting unusual complications.