Insert the data to the database using JDBC in camunda

I’m doing the task to insert the data to the database(SQL) using JDBC in camunda.
In the modeler, I have created the service task to create insert the data to the SQL.
and another task is to get the details by the user and assign them to the particular user.
Both tasks are independent of each other.
Could you please tell me why the data is not inserted into the database?
Service task to insert data to the database–(problem is with code, data is not getting inserted and proceeding to the next task)

2nd task was performed well

Your implementation allows that. Look for any errors in InsertDB delegate execution. If any error happens during database insertion you catch error and continue.

Remove try-catch block and see what happens.

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You’re likely to see more details of the error in the Camunda Log.

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solved:The following dependency is added

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