Ideas of projects with Camunda

Hi guys! I need to create some project as my diploma work in a university, and I would like to build some app using Camunda, so I could learn Camunda better. Maybe you could tell me about typical use cases of Camunda or give some references to already existed interesting use cases?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @Yurii_Shchur

It is hard to name the typical use case for Camunda as it is used quiet widely amongst different industries and with different technologies.

I found a good starting point is the Camunda getting started guide
As well as the video tutorials . This should give you a good overview how Camunda can be used and set up.

For your diploma work, I guess it depends a lot of what you would like to integrate as other technologies. Is the main topic of the thesis to implement a process with Camunda? Or are there other requirements?


Hi @Nele, thanks for a quick answer.

I don’t have any requirements for my diploma work, that’s why it is so hard to figure out what to do :sweat_smile:
I would like to create some web application using Angular and Node.js. I have a little experience with Camunda because we use it at work, but we use it to model real business processes and I think that it’s not a good use case for my diploma work because if you want to model some business process you need to learn a domain that you will model. I know that my question is pretty stupid but all I want is just to do something with Camunda to learn it better.

Thanks for the links, I still don’t watch the video tutorial but maybe I will generate some ideas while I will be doing it.


Hey @Yurii_Shchur ,

If you like to build some frontend I think you could try to find a very user centric process flow.

You could then connect your fronted to BPMN user tasks. So an user would not use Camunda tasklist for it but would use your application. Here is an Open Source project that basically provides a donation plattform and uses Camunda in the backend. Maybe that can give you some ideas. And this blogpost highlights the aspect of building a custom tasklist too.

I hope that give you some ideas

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Thank you for your help @Nele!
It is a really good point to start from for me.