I frequently planned to automate my existing application using camunda it is possible.?


Hi ,
I frequently planned to automate my existing application (developed in ruby on rails also vuejs) using camunda it is possible? give an command if any one done let me know


Have you considered
Using the REST API
It should be simple.


Hi @Niall thanks for information.
how to retrive j-son data which is passed from java through REST-API to camunda engine.and I want to retrive those data in php.


hi @kamalkriz
the REST API return JSON data. What exactly are you looking for?



I have sent the data using php through REST API and works fine.but i want to retrive the data from camunda engine (which as a service task in java).
for example SMS based concept


Hi @kamalkriz

you have different options automating a service task in camunda.
you could for example implement an external task and use the rest api of camunda to execute the work in php (retrieve process variables also in php and complete it using the rest api). have a look into: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.10/user-guide/ext-client/

second option would be to use java to execute the service task. there you can get the variables that you passed in from the execution.



Well good explanation @felix-mueller
another doubt I wanna to clarify @felix-mueller I have build login application in camunda how could I reuse the login orchestrator in different application .So did you get any idea…