HTTP delete and post operations cause OptimisticLockingException


Hi there,

we are facing an issue with Camunda Cockpit performing HTTP delete and HTTP post requests (e.g. delete process instance, delete process variable, change process variable) whereas HTTP get and HTTP put works fine. Each request ends up with a OptimisticLockingException. If we are using the Java API to delete , e.g. a process, no exception occurs.

First we used the tomcat standalone war (which worked fine) and now we wanted to integrate the Cockpit into our application by using the spring boot starter webapp. Our own UI is mapped to root path / and the Camunda stuff is mapped to the default paths (app, api, etc).

Since we are using Oracle 11 we have turned off JDBC batch processing.


Some additionally information:

Camunda Version: 7.8
Oracle Database:
JDBC Driver: ojdbc6
camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp: 2.3.0
spring-boot: 1.5.14

Log Camunda Cockpit:
cockpit.log (71.7 KB)

Log Java API:
javaapi.log (67.7 KB)