How to test an activity call chain

Hi all,
I’d like to write an unit test for the following case:
I created namely a chain of steps to model the workflow creation of a new document.

I named it ‘process_create_new_document’

I’m using:
Unfortunately it seems not to work as I expected:

  • between the lines 43 and 53 it works all as expected and the token leaves the first activity create new document

  • between the lines 56 and 60 the token enters the subprocess enrich document and stopps just before an external task:

  • then I cannot go forward and the instruction:
    complete(externalTask(vMAXSubProcessInstance), withVariables("neuerWert", "dummyWert"));
    fails with the following exception:

This is strange to me because the ‘process_create_new_document’ did work, at least until the line 62…

The same subprocess enrich document can I succesfully test in a separated and dedicated unit test…

So I suspect my approach to test such chains of call activities is basically wrong or at least not supported by camunda-bpm-assert… :cry:

Do you have a tip about a better strategy to organize my tests? I would like to get a top down structure in oder to simplify a complex workflow by dividing it in a group of little ones…

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi all,

I advice using the other testing api to get something like I described: really cool!