How to set default value for Details-->Implementation dropdown in General Properties Panel?

We have a requirement that when user clicks and drags a Service Task need to set default value as Java Class for Details–>Implementation dropdown in General tab Properties Panel, currently it is showing empty value as default.

Hi @vamsinagendra,

You need to configure default values in json file like below:

        "name": "Custom ServiceTask",
        "id": "com.camunda.example.CustomServiceTask",
        "appliesTo": [
        "properties": [{
                "label": "Delegate to Call",
                "type": "String",
                "editable": false,
                "value": "com.camunda.example.FooDelegate",
                "binding": {
                    "type": "property",
                    "name": "camunda:class"
        "entriesVisible": {
            "_all": true,
            "delegate": false,
            "implementation": false