How to run project in spring boot


I don’t know about spring boot and i want to create a java project based on spring boot
I followed steps in this link :

But i faced by this error :

The Tomcat connector configured to listen on port 8080 failed to start. The port may already be in use or the connector may be misconfigured.

Do i need to install tomcat plugin in my ide ?


You’re already running something locally that’s using port 8080 like another tomcat or wildfly instance. you need to close that down before starting spring boot - or change the port that spring boot it using


I pulled and ran tomcat in docker for using spring boot .
So i must remove tomcat in docker and just run the spring boot project ??


Spring boot has it’s own embedded tomcat.


an other question :

based on this link :

I must see this line in console :

Started WebappExampleProcessApplication in 10.584 seconds

I saw that line but i saw other lines too .
Like :

 ENGINE-14014 Starting up the JobExecutor[org.camunda.bpm.engine.spring.components.jobexecutor.SpringJobExecutor].

ENGINE-14018 JobExecutor[org.camunda.bpm.engine.spring.components.jobexecutor.SpringJobExecutor] starting to acquire jobs

Its ok ??


Looks good to me. :wink: