How to link subprocess with parent process in Modeler

I am pretty new in Camunda.

I used to work with trisotech, and I would like to understand how can I link a sub-process collapsed with its parents. So I can just click the sub process collapsed from the parent, and go to the sub-process.

You can find the answer here :wink:

You can do this quite easily with Cawemo (which you can use for free) the desktop modeler doesn’t have this feature.

Hello Niall, I am not able to see what you recommended on how to do this in Cawemo, i.e. link sub process. For instance, we may have BPMN ABC within which it has a subprocess which would link to BMPN XYZ etc.

Create 2 processes in the same project.
Create a Call Activity
Select the call activity and a blue link icon appears - click it
Select the sub process from the list

Sweet. Tried it, it works ! Thank you for lightening fast answer @Niall.

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Hello Niall,

I am not sure if it is known behavior, but when I add pool, the call activity looses the blue link icon, furthermore it cannot be added anymore. Is this a bug or ?