How to improve search on filter?


I am doing load testing on my environment, i am having more than 100k tasks, And defined task vairables. When i try to apply filter to search on task variables i have never get any response, How to improve because when i want to search something specific based on task variable it is not working as expected.

I see always loading screen. Is there any better way to search ?


Hi @Jena_Sthitaprajna,

It looks like there is something wrong in the request. Can you provide a screenshot of the following in the dev tools:

  • the networks tab.
  • the console tab.


Hello siffogh , this is my network tab and there is nothing on my console tab.


FYI, @siffogh i set my variables when the task is created , Example :

public class TaskCreateListener implements TaskListener {
    public void notify(DelegateTask delegateTask) {
        delegateTask.setVariable("HELLO", "hello");

I can access this variable when i define it on filter for tasklist but when i try to apply on existing tasklist then it doesn’t work .

looks like similar issue but not sure

Am i doing something wrong ?


It works with process variable label. thanks

13 PM


I just found something interesting. After analysing this above script, i tried to find out why this query is taking longer time and found that some of the columns are not being indexed in mysql. I added index to these and it helps me a lot and drastically improved my task list loading time. Hopefully someone get help with this.


Column: KEY_