How to customize a cockpit plugin?


Hi guys ,
i want some help , i just want to know where can i found files (css,html ) in which i can switch colors , size of a modal or an element in a modal in cockpit plugin ? please guys i need a reply
and thank you for help


It’s probably inside src/main/resources folder


Hi @mark,

do you want to apply your customization directly in the source code of the webapps or by simply adding a plugin?



thanks @kyle for your reply ,
in my case , i m gonna modify the dashboard so i m must only modify html file (css existing in html file) or i must modify both (js and html) ? and thank you


thanks @tasso94 for your reply ,
i want to modify the theme (template , colors ,size …) of the dashboard of the cockpit plugin which it will be integrated on the webapp , for example i want to modify the color of this dashboard from white to black
and thanks