How to create one expression multiple checks

As you can see on the photo I have status “open” I would like to check if the status is “open” and if YES go to task “update status Outsystems” but before that I want also to check if the status is “Assigned” because first comes “Open” but after open maybe it goes to “Assigned” .
it should be " if status == open OR assigned then continue" else just stop where it is the last check.
How can I do that?
hubStart.bpmn (8.1 KB)

There is a lot going wrong with this process,
The tasks open and assigned are not really tasks - they’re just statements. When building BPMN models your tasks should represent work that needs to be done before continuing.

Also - your uses of a conditional flow leaving the HUB task is quite confusing i think you should look into using a gateway at the very least, because it’s not clear what you expect to happen if the condition is not met.

Well, I use this blocks just to show what the status is and before that I want to check if it is open or not etc… I am not sure if it is correct to call them tasks.
So you think that I need to add gateway every time before each of these statuses to make the check?

My problem is that, If I receive status assigned I need to go through status open too, etc, so I need to check at the time when I am at status Open I need to check Both or something like that Because I send only one variable with status, or maybe I can do it in another way not sure?

VariableMap variables = createVariables()
.putValue(“status”, lastUpdatedByDate.getStatus().toLowerCase());

A gateways i certainly better than what you have.
A gateway can still check if multiple conditions are met,
e.g. #{status == "open" or otherVar == "otherValue"}
I would suggest that you take a look at a BPMN tutorial so that you can get the hang of how to best model your process if you proceed without knowing how the symbols are designed you’ll probably end up with a really confusing model.

For more information on the JUEL expression language check out this link.

OK Niall, thank you very much for the help dude. I am struggling like never before with camunda… doing java code so fast… and Camunda slows me really down…

Have you tried to follow some tutorials?
It’s going be hard if you jump in without learning the basics.

I did not find very good tutorials I watched some of your videos but they were not doing what I wanted. I did not find a tutorial which shows many different problems and all features how to use them… and the documentation was a bit confusing for me.

You’ll find a playlist of tutorials here, they should be able to lead from basic functions to more advanced concepts.

OK, thanks man. I have watched most of them but I will have a look once again.

Hallo Naill,
is this better? hubStart.bpmn (17.3 KB)
It is not ready yet, but I am gonna add more “or” on each gateway so that I reach to the place where the current status is and I will stop there but wont go forward.

Can you write in step by step detail exactly how you intend your process to work?
The process you’ve created still isn’t really making a lot of sense.

  1. I am going to receive data from HUB Converter it should be one of “Open”, “Assigned” etc…
  2. I would like to show on Camunda which way it went through for example “Open” it goes through “Open box” then it goes to XOR and then “update to outsystems … box” and it stops there
  3. If I make a 2nd Request and change the object status from “Open” to “Assigned” then it will go to “Assigned box” and after that to “update to outsystems … box” and it will stop there.
    -“update to outsystems …” is a 3rd party application which is going to update the status of the object. If the “update to outsystems …” does not respond with statusCode 200 then I will be not able to change the status of the object from Open to Assigned.

The one thing that i want to focus on is your use of how you’re dealing with a return value from the HUB Converter. As I mentioned earlier, having a task that says Open makes no sense because there are better ways of showing this here’s an example

aha so the idea is, in camunda every time there should be a end of the process. I will fix ti that way. But at the moment I have another problem I deleted all Processes in Dashboard and now when I start it does not work and I did not change anything. It is very strange you already replied on the other problem but I am still struggling… Thank you for the support.