How to create Custom Tasks

Hello all,

im new in modeling BPMN processes and in using camunda.
I’ve checked the documentation but I can’t find informations, how to add new elements to my Process diagram.
For Example, I want to extend the Task-element to create my own customized Task and attach a .svg icon to the task.

Can someone please sent me some informations, how to solve this problem?


No one have a hint for me?


have you had a look at this example?

There are a few things involved, such as customizing the palette, adding a renderer that knows how to render your element and a custom element factory that knows how to create your custom element.

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Dear all,
I have gone through this example of creating a custom palette elements with nodejs. I would like to know if it is possible to develop a plugin for the custom palette. I am creating an extended BPMN model. What I want to do is to add my own elements to the palette and to define the xml for my elements. That way the xml elements will suit my extended model. But I want to do it with a plugin.
Please help

Yes, this is possible.

Just create the plugin starting from the example, inject the palette provider and follow the example above. It should be relatively easy. Maybe this will also help.