How to call Camunda Case in BPMN Process

Hi All,
I am new to Camunda and looking for the following 2 main items.

  1. How to create and deploy CMMN (Case) project.
  2. Any tutorials or guideline how to call a deployed Case in Camunda BPMN Process.

Thanks for the help in advance !!!

@Atul_Parti you can do it using call activity element to call another process.

I have to warn you about the current state of CMMN at camunda:

If you still think about using it instead of BPMN in a new project, here goes a nice tutorial presentation:

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Thanks for the response. Actually, we are looking to club the approvals in a flow and CMMN allows the concept of stages. Ideally wanted to implement this in a BPMN process but Camunda’s BPMN process does not allow the concept of stages.